Thank you for your interest in supporting the mission of Deer Park Volunteer Ambulance. Each year, we respond to several thousand requests for service within North Spokane and Stevens County. Over the years, we’ve become a leader in EMS within the region thanks in part to the financial generosity of our local residents and the patients we serve. Our strong history of being a volunteer organization continues today as we seek out individuals willing to donate their time and energy to Deer Park Volunteer Ambulance.

How to Donate

donate your time

Our volunteer program remains at the heart of our organization, allowing members of the community to donate time as an EMT or PARAMEDIC. Please visit our EMPLOYMENT section for more detailed information on how you can help.

donate fund

Did you know....Deer Park Volunteer Ambulance is funded solely by insurance reimbursements and does not receive any tax dollars? Last year (2015), DPVA billed over $4M in claims, however, due to the low government subsidized reimbursement rates for Medicaid and Medicare, DPVA wrote off approx. 75% of the claims, resulting in lost revenue of over $3M. Because of the poor reimburement rates, DPVA relies on