Once a patient is transported by DPVA, our personnel generates an electronic Patient Care Report (ePCR) that is then forwarded to our billing company. The billing company reviews the ePCR for compliance and submits it to your insurance carrier. The insurance carrier will make a determination on how much they will cover based on the medical need for the ambulance that was initially requested. DPVA then receives a full or partial payment from your insurance carrier. If there is a partial payment received from your insurance carrier, the remainder may become your responsibility. 



Q. Why should I purchase a DPVA membership if I have Medicare or other insurance?

You may be surprised to learn that each year insurance companies change the list of what they consider "medically necessary" for an emergency ambulance reimbursement. There is no guarantee that any insurance carrier will cover 100% of the ambulance bill. Second, we need your support each year. With the increases in operational expenses and decreases in reimbursements from insurance carriers, we simply cannot survive without your support.

Q: I purchased a DPVA membership, why did you bill my Insurance?

Every plan members insurance will be billed. That is where we get the bulk of the money generated by the ambulance invoice. If there is a remaining balance, it will be forwarded to the individual that used the ambulance service. 

Q. I chose not to purchase a DPVA membership, but I have since used the service and now want to join. Can I sign up today and have it applied to my most recent service?

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. We highly recommend joining the ambulance plan when you receive the date enrollment package in the mail.

Q. Can I purchase a DPVA membership at any time?

Yes, but there is a 30 day waiting period before you and your family can enjoy the benefits of the plan.