2015-001 Schedule Requests

ISSUED BY: R. Varney, Dir of Operations

In an attempt to correct some issues that have been brought to my attention we are going to try a couple of different things before we begin filling the January schedule:


1) the schedule for the future month will be put out on the 15th of the preceding month.


2) As mentioned in an earlier e-mail if you want to commit to a set schedule, for example all Tue nights at 162 or every Sat Day at 161, etc, you must let Laura know between the 1st and the 15th of the month and she will schedule you.


3) We have adjusted the scheduling software so only Medics and AEMTs can sign up for Medic or AEMT slots between the 15 and the end of month.


4) Beginning the first of the month any EMT can sign up for any EMT shift whether they are a AEMT or a EMTB.


5) PerDiem Medics are limited to no more that 4 shifts a month, absent extenuating circumstances approved by the Duty Officer.